Experience Facembrace


A soft embrace for radiant mornings!

You’ll be excited to go to bed

It is comfortable, soft, and it gently hugs your face… what more could you ask for? After a short one- to two-night adaptation period, you will love falling asleep without even thinking about your breathing mask.

Better still, you’ll notice that, thanks to its meticulous design, the Facembrace gets softer with time, adapting to the shape of your face while staying soft for months.

Your skin will thank you

If you have sensitive skin, the marks and redness left on your face by the straps of your breathing mask are undoubtedly a part of your daily life.

Thanks to its unique design, the Facembrace keeps the mask and straps from touching the skin of your face. The result? Your skin remains without marks, redness, or irritation! A dream come true!

Designs to match your personality

Who has ever said that taking care of your health had to be a dull and boring experience?

We actually believe that color and style make life better and happier!

Blue Sky 2

What about you? Which one do you prefer?

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