• Feeling of air leaks
  • Irritated skin and redness
  • Strap marks on the face

Do you experience any of these discomforts?

Now there’s a solution!

The Facembrace, a comfort device in a class of its own, with exclusive features:

  • Breathable where needed
  • Hand washable for quick and easy cleaning
  • Durable and reusable

Finally experience the benefits of therapy without compromising your quality of life.

Models tailored to your needs

Eye flap

Choose the model with eye flap if you’re sensitive to ambient light.


Choose the deflector model if you prefer to have unobstructed vision at all times.

The Facembrace designed for nasal masks comes in three sizes and two models. Rheabrio will soon offer models of Facembrace that are suitable for full face and nasal pillow masks. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive timely information about our new products.

‘‘From the very beginning, I was delighted by the customer service and the quality of the product. I honestly love my Facembrace in every way! Air leaks from my respiratory mask really irritated my eyes, and the mask left painful marks around my nose. It was so unpleasant I was forced to sleep without it for days. Facembrace literally changed my life! It protects my face, and it’s so comfortable. No more irritated eyes, straps marks, or nose irritations. Thank you Rheabrio.’’

Nathalie D.

‘‘Facembrace made a huge difference for me. Facembrace protects me, so I find it more comfortable for the face. I’ve had trouble with the feeling of plastic of the mask directly on my skin. Facembrace is less hot and stiff against my skin. And I no longer have strap marks on my cheeks in the morning. It’s a revelation!’’

Robert M.

‘‘I was curious to try Facembrace even though my respiratory therapist hadn't yet heard of it. I was delighted by this innovative product! I have never stopped using it since that first day. It reduced air leaks from my respiratory mask, and it feels really nice on my skin. Facembrace has greatly improve my comfort!’’

Jules L. 


"I have sensitive skin, and my mask gave me red marks around the nose. I tried Facembrace and it decreased my discomfort considerably. This invention lets my skin breathe - it's no longer in direct contact with the plastic of the mask, and yet the seal is still airtight. I'm so pleased to have found this solution to my problem. I wear my Facembrace every night. For me, it's an essential part of my treatment, like the mask and the rest of the apparatus. I only have one regret: I wish this solution had come along even sooner!"

L. Robitaille  

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