Facembrace experience: a story of perseverance


Delivering real comfort solutions for people who use a respiratory mask for sleep apnea means more than just making innovative and effective comfort accessories like Facembrace. For Rheabrio, supporting these…

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Should You Be Worrying About Sleep Quality?


We now know that getting enough sleep is as important for your health as exercise and a healthy diet. No matter your age, sleeping for enough hours improves mental and…

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Addressing 7 Sleep Apnea Misconceptions


In a previous article, we talked about the importance of taking care of your health and the negative impacts treatment can sometimes have on your well-being and quality of life.…

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Health or Well-Being: Do You Really Have to Choose?


Taking care of yourself means making decisions and adopting behaviors and habits that allow you to maintain a physical and mental balance, achieve a certain degree of well-being, and stave…

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Birth of an innovation – Part 2


In our previous article, we discovered how sleep apnea diagnostic not only changed Louise’s life but also helped her aligning with a deep motivation: to deploy all her inventiveness and…

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Birth of an innovation


After months of chronic fatigue, Louise Bernard, an accomplished businesswoman and industrial designer, received a diagnosis that will change her life forever: sleep apnea. Her new CPAP therapy was the…

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