Nasal Type Facembrace Comfort Accessory
This comfort accessory is only meant for nasal type respiratory CPAP masks. The "Warranty on benefits" is not applicable for the current sale. Please refer to our complete Warranty for details.
$US 46.82 $US 99.00 99.0 USD
Nasal Pillow Type Facembrace
$US 77.27 $US 59.95 59.95 USD
Gen. 2 Nasal Type Facembrace
Demo Unit
$US 97.56 $US 97.56 97.56 USD
Facembrace Protective Mask       only blue waves color in stock
Non-medical anti-projection protection mask.
$US 7.77 $US 19.95 19.95 USD
Facembrace Protective Mask - Hooks
Pack of hooks for the Facembrace Anti-projection Protective Mask.
$US 4.68 $US 4.68 4.68 USD
Facembrace Protective Mask - Collection
The Facembrace Protective Masks are anti-projection masks. They are a Class 1 medical device. These products are not N95 respiratory protection masks nor chirurgical masks.
$US 97.37 $US 75.00 75.0 USD
Cradle Type Facembrace
$US 85.08 $US 64.95 64.95 USD
Anti-projection Facembrace Protective Mask - Custom
The Facembrace Protective Mask is an antiprojection mask. It is a Class 1 medical device. This product is not a N95 respiratory protection mask nor an ASTM certified product.
$US 19.47 $US 19.47 19.47 USD